Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

About Us

Hi, and Welcome to TopProfitsGroup

To have the best chances in mlm:

  • Get in EARLY!

  • One-Time Fee

  • Direct-Pay,  Member to Member,  PayPal only if possible

  • Help your downline. Build Deep! Money comes from depth, not width.

I always do a “Whois” on domain names, so I can avoid old ones that have been around too long to be of use.

Please explore our programs to see if there’s anything you like.

Traffic Generation is the most important key to your Online Success, it’s your lifeblood. If you have no visitors you’ll have no income.  So its not surprising that many of my favorite  programs help you do that.   I’ve looked at and participated in dozens of so-so marketing opportunities, mlms, etc, and from losing money every month, I’ve gotten knowledge that serves me well.   My philosophy is simple: Know your total risk going in, no monthly fees of any kind.  Look for newer programs where you still have a chance.

Jack Dickerson
Admin & Friend